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The Squad is OPEN

The Hello Law Squad launched on 1 July 2021 and we have been overwhelmed with a hugely positive reception.

We have been blown away by the positive response to this initiative. The Squad is like no other and we want to stay true to its purpose. With that in mind, membership will be open for a limited time only. If you want to be part of this unique legal community, head over to the shop to sign up for membership now. There are limited memberships open so you do not want to miss your chance!

Say hello to a community like no other.

Registrations are currently open.

What do members get?

The Hello Law Squad is a unique, members-only and private community of law students and lawyers (from all arms of the profession) and other law lovers. It is an online social and sharing community focused on supporting lawyers development both personally and professionally.

Our Hello Law Squad is all about building community, focusing on wellbeing, skill-building and mentoring throughout our legal careers.  With your membership, there will be something for every member of the Hello Law community. In short, here are just a few of the themes that underpin all that we do here at Hello Law.

As part of an ongoing monthly membership, members will get:

  • access to a members-only online community
  • fortnightly skill-building workshops that focus on various topics including (but definitely not limited to!):
    • profile building
    • legal research training, tips and tricks
    • best ways to use social media as a lawyer
    • client interviewing
    • managing burnout and general wellbeing
    • file and practice management
    • cost agreements, discussions and constant disclosure
    • use of technology in practice and life
    • general productivity tips and tricks
    • writing and communication skills
    • navigating the evolution of legal practice
    • how to work with supervisors and colleagues
    • networking and collaborating with other lawyers and professions
    • timesheets and billing practices
    • navigating ethics and professional standards
    • continuing professional development
    • overcoming challenges in the land of law
    • finding your authentic lawyer voice
    • different career paths in law
    • how employers and employees can help each other
    • and much more!
  • community forum to discuss and learn from people just like you and those who have walked your path about all things in law
  • ongoing and topical discussions and sharing about the latest and greatest ongoing professional development events, resources and more
  • opportunities for question and answer discussions for the brainiest of twisters you can imagine
  • safe place to share your challenges and find ways to overcome them
  • supportive and collegiate environment to help you grow your “phone a friend” list
  • discounts on all Hello Law special interest courses and webinars in the Hello Law Shop!
  • special offers as new products, courses and offerings are developed
  • community mentoring and special offers for one-on-one mentoring from massive law-nerd, principal lawyer, lecturer, pracademic, writer and creator Michele Davis
  • and so much more!

What People Are Saying

Michele is one of the most passionate, approachable, caring and genuine people I have ever met, especially when it comes to helping people in the profession and mentoring those just starting out. I met Michele when I was starting out in the profession and like many, I faced the many challenges that come with the job. Michele was always someone I could trust and speak to. She always provided me with great advice and it was so valuable to be able to connect with someone who could share similar experiences to assist my journey. Michele strongly believes and promotes “being yourself” and not having to change who you are to fit into the profession, but instead being true to yourself for a truly fulfilling and happy career. It is so valuable that Michele is taking the opportunity to share her knowledge and experiences to provide support, guidance and mentorship in the community and through her videos.

SA, newly admitted lawyer

Michele’s down to earth, raw, and relatable nature has helped me in my personal and professional life as a young lawyer and mum living and practising in regional Far North Queensland. Michele’s constructive and genuine advice on topics such as, the practice of law, post graduate education, the trials and triumphs I have experienced being a young lawyer (just to name a few) have helped me push through personal and professional barriers. Michele not only brings years of knowledge, experience, and legal acumen, but she goes one step further – she exudes such a bright and fruitful passion for the law and impresses on continual learning and development. Michele helps people – that may look like a solicitor-client relationship, mentor-mentee relationship, as a friend, or just being the gentle nudge you need to make you believe in yourself and get up and try again.

JR, lawyer 2+ years PAE

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