Answers to some of your Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Hello Law Squad?

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions here.

How is the Hello Law Squad different from other groups?

Hello Law is a community embracing the learning of “how to be a lawyer” and “how to love your career in law”.

Our Hello Law Squad is 100% online and focused on helping law students, graduates, early career lawyers and even lawyers who are wanting to refresh and/or expand their knowledge of the basic essentials of legal practice. We share experiences and educate others in an online community about practical elements of legal practice that are often not covered in traditional conference or professional development offerings.

We are a mentoring community focused on the basic but essential aspects of legal practice.

Who is the Hello Law Squad for?

The Squad is for anyone who feels they will get value from what we’re putting out there! Our community is ideally for:

  • law students
  • graduates
  • early career lawyers
  • new barristers
  • law academics looking to gain insight into modern day practice
  • lawyers looking to refresh themselves

Is the Squad for Principals/Directors of law firms or entrepreneurs to gain support for their new adventure?

Not really. Whilst you are still absolutely welcome to join us, if you are looking for support to help you set up or grow your new firm or venture, we highly recommend The Club by the amazing Happy Lawyer Happy Life creator Clarissa Rayward.

Do you use Facebook for the Squad?

Yes, we do. We originally launched with a different platform, however we found that the development of Facebook groups provided a better suited platform for our community.

Can I buy membership for a friend or someone in my firm?

Yes, absolutely. Just reach out to us at hello@hellolaw.com.au and we help you set it up.

How can I or my organisation support Hello Law?

We are absolutely open to partnership and sponsorship opportunities with people and organisations that align with our ethos of positivity and wellbeing in the legal profession. Please email our team at hello@hellolaw.com.au to chat further.

What kind of workshops do you run in the Squad?

We run workshops about all types of things in legal practice. We have events that are focused on professional skills like client interviewing, costs and billing, working in teams and practice of law; wellbeing, stress and burnout, technology and using simple technology to improve your practice; blogging skills; basic marketing skills including writing marketing copy and went to use it; further education in and out of law.

You can view a list of some of the Squad events here.

I don’t have a credit card or debit card, how can I set up bank direct debit for my membership?

Simply contact us at hello@hellolaw.com.au and we will set this up directly with you