JR, Lawyer 2+ years PAE

“Work hard in silence, let success be your noise”

Frank Ocean

This quote resonates with me as it describes Michele’s foundations of who she is as a person, mentor, lawyer, mum, wife, friend and educator. I met Michele on the virtual platform, and after a few years, was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to finally meet her in person at the Annual QLS Succession Law Conference in Brisbane.

Michele’s down to earth, raw, and relatable nature has helped me in my personal and professional life as a young lawyer and mum living and practising in regional Far North Queensland. Michele’s constructive and genuine advice on topics such as, the practice of law, post graduate education, the trials and triumphs I have experienced being a young lawyer (just to name a few) have helped me push through personal and professional barriers. Michele not only brings years of knowledge, experience, and legal acumen, but she goes one step further – she exudes such a bright and fruitful passion for the law and impresses on continual learning and development. Michele helps people – that may look like a solicitor-client relationship, mentor-mentee relationship, as a friend, or just being the gentle nudge you need to make you believe in yourself and get up and try again.

There have been many times where I have called or emailed Michele to “nut out” a legal question or ask how she would approach a certain situation – whether it be file-related or just a general question on the lawyer-life journey. Each time Michele has been so selfless and genuine in swooping in to help in any way she can. Moreover, Michele provides the tools to build up your self-confidence and makes you not only question your “why” but remind you to keep it in check.

Hello Law is the simple answer that puts everything Michele lives and stands for in a neat little box. It is an accessible and reliable resource, platform and solution, creating the vital link from law student to junior lawyer who seek mentorship and guidance. Hello Law also is directed at the experienced lawyer or academics to refresh their skills and connections and build a platform of like-minded individuals who want to find, grow, reinvent and thrive with their tribe.

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