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Do you sometimes feel like you need an outsider’s perspective and a bit of one-on-one time with another practitioner who just “gets it” but don’t have anyone?

Our creator, Michele Davis, offers one-on-one virtual mentoring with students and lawyers to help them find the best version of themselves in law.  Being a practitioner herself, Michele has worked in a range of different legal practices, including sole practitioners, small and boutique, medium and large (top tear) firms in and around Brisbane. Michele has been a legal assistant, a paralegal, a junior lawyer, associate, senior associate and now principal lawyer. Michele has worked solely and managed teams both within speciality firms and  multi-practice area firms.  In addition to her career in private practice, Michele is also a lecturer, writer and post-graduate researcher.

For lawyers, this is an opportunity to have a ‘person’; a listening ear, a cheerleader, an advisor, a mentor, a friend, a coach, a career counsellor, a mirror, a connection, a referrer, a confidant. Having an mentor outside your firm can be a wonderfully beneficial relationship where you can feel safe to raise and discuss concerns or challenges you might not otherwise raise. It can be daunting to ask for help, this way you don’t have to harbour that fear. Michele can help you tackle challenges, given you advice and, importantly, help you to build your skills and foster a good working relationship with your employer/supervisor.

For employers, this is an opportunity to have an extra pair of hands on deck to help shape, guide and mentor your staff to make them the best lawyers and team mates they can be. It can be challenging to manage it all on your own whilst running a practice. Mentoring takes time, effort and focus, as does your practice, and as such the two things can clash! Having an external mentor can help you juggle all of the different balls up in the air at any given time whilst letting your team continue to develop and make a valuable contribution to your firm.

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